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IGF Marmi was founded on a company established in 1899; the Ing. Giulio Faggioni Carrara S.p.a., and it handles the work processes involved in the entire marble production chain, from the extraction of the material to the sale of the finished product.

Precious marbles like Statuario, Stauarietto, Calacatta and Venatino are extracted from its own Bettogli quarries and transported down to the manufacturing warehouse. 

Every kind of work process is carried out in the factory, which includes the saw-mill and the workshop, thanks to the specialized workforce which for decades has skillfully passed on its experience from worker to worker.  

The marble is worked with care and precision, it is crated and sent all over the world.

Since 1899


Our philosophy

Our strong points are:

  • Quality work
  • Highly specialized workers
  • The quality of the materials processed
  • The precision of the manufacaturing
  • Punctual deliveries

These principles are at the top of our priority list and are synonymous with a guarantee of the quality of the product itself. 

Photo gallery of our history

IGF Marmi Carrara 2014